Why Ashtanga yoga?


Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that synchronises breath, body & movement. We follow a set sequence, using the traditional Sanskrit count. The count provides us with a technique to practice the sequence as a moving meditation.

The sequence is ideal for all levels of practitioners. Whilst the full sequence is dynamic and physically challenging we start off slowly and practice the postures that are appropriate. Slowly over time further postures are added, thus allowing students to practice at a pace that is right for them, right now, but also providing a framework for ebbs & flows to occur.

How Ashtanga is taught?


Traditionally Ashtanga yoga is taught one posture at a time. When a student is comfortable within that posture the next one may be added. This slow, mindful approach gives the student time to learn the sequence (and become self sufficient) but also allows the body and mind time to open and adapt. This approach is called Mysore - refer to my Mysore page for details on these classes.

Ashtanga is also taught as a counted class, where all the students practice the postures (time allowing) together. This approach is useful for learning the count, checking your pace & embracing group energy.




Chobham Parish Pavilion

Chobham, GU24 8AL

Note: the post code takes you to the vehicle entrance, please follow the driveway further along to the car park

Wednesday evenings from 6:45 - 8:00pm, excluding the 3rd Wednesday of every month (see below).



  • £10 for a drop-in, or

  • £50 for a 6 class pass (valid for 2 months - this is the same pass for Tuesday evening's class, so you can mix & match)

Mats are available to rent at £1 per use. If you have your own mat please bring it along.

Ample free parking is available. Additional directions to car park.

Please note the following dates when there is no class:


16 October

13 November

20 November

18 December


15 January

12 February

19 February

18 March

15 April

Class dates are up to date on my calendar too.

Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde
Sandarshita Svatma Sukava Bodhe
Nih Sreyase Jangalikayamane
Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai

Abahu Purushakaram
Shankhacakrsi Dharinam
Sahasra Sirasam Svetam
Pranamami Patanjalim
— The Ashtanga Opening Chant
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