Regular topic specific yoga workshops, in a safe and supportive environment.


Offering weekly classes in Chobham & Woking, Surrey. Ashtanga Mysore, Ashtanga Counted Classes and Vinyasa yoga.


Regular retreats both locally and abroad.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series App

We are really excited to launch the Just Love Yoga app! It is a reference guide to aid learning the Ashtanga yoga primary series sequence & Sanskrit count! It includes:

- Photos of each pose
- Detailed explanations of each breath synchronised movement
- The traditional Sanskrit count
- Drishti's / Looking Place
- Opening & Closing Chants

Both iOS and Google available!

Just Love Yoga Visvamitrasana.jpg

Just Love Yoga offers a variety of online classes through our partner Studio Live

Claire openly shares her knowledge and experience. She believes that the practice should be supportive & adaptable to the individual, creating a sustainable practice for life. She passionately believes in empowering students. 

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A highly experienced and sought after teacher

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