Just Love Yoga regularly run topic specific yoga workshops, in a safe and supportive environment to explore new concepts and further develop your practice.


Offering weekly classes in Woking, Surrey.

Ashtanga Mysore, Ashtanga Counted Classes and Vinyasa yoga.

Private & Corporate Classes available.


Claire regularly teaches retreats both locally and abroad.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series App

I am really excited to launch the Just Love Yoga app! It is a reference guide to aid learning the Ashtanga yoga primary series sequence & Sanskrit count!
It includes:

- Photos of each pose
- Detailed explanations of each breath synchronised movement
- The traditional Sanskrit count
- Drishti's / Looking Place
- Opening & Closing Chants

Both iOS and Google available! I would love to hear how you get on!

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Just Love Yoga offers a variety of online classes through our partner Studio Live

Claire openly shares her knowledge and experience. She believes that the practice should be supportive & adaptable to the individual, creating a sustainable practice for life. She passionately believes in empowering students. 

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A highly experienced and sought after teacher

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