Welcome to Just Love Yoga!

My goal is simple: to create the space and framework for you to leave each class feeling a little bit better.

Gradually that feeling starts to seep back into your daily life and the discrepancy between practice on and off the mat dissipates. Maybe you start to smile a little more often, and find yourself using kinder words. Soon those around you notice and the circle of warmth & kindness grows...  

So where do you start?

If you are a complete beginner you may prefer to start off with a private session, or join one of our beginners workshop. It's entirely up to you.

All of my classes are open to beginners, and I offer modifications as appropriate. My classes are generally a good mix of abilities meaning that you won't be alone if you are new; but you may also be inspired to see what is possible with a dedicated practice.

Friday & Saturday morning Mysore are assisted self practice classes, we will teach you the sequence so that you are also able to practice in your own time. If you are brand new to Mysore, please let me know before coming along or join a beginners workshop.

Other bits & pieces

Most people tend to purchase a drop-in for their first class. If they decide to come regularly they usually purchase a class card which saves a bit.

60 minute classes are £10 for a drop-in, or £50 for a 6 class card (valid for 2 months).

Mysore classes are £15 for a drop-in, or £125 for a 10 class card (valid for 3 months).

Drop-in vs Class Card?

How much are your classes?

Most people prefer to purchase their own mat after awhile, but I do also have mats available at £1 per use.

Do I need a mat?

Comfortable lose fitted clothing is best. We practice bare foot.

What should I wear?

No need to pre-book, just come along.

Do I need to pre-book?

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